There are many different choices when it comes to the build of a Honda Civic. One of the more popular options is choosing from the many hatchbacks, sedan and even convertibles. A turbocharged model however is the most sought after and has the potential to deliver an awesome performance.

With all the different variants and designs, you would have a hard time narrowing down what type of turbo you want to buy. For starters, there are four power levels to choose from; the stock model, Civic EX, Turbo S and a Honda turbo. Each one of these produces more than 300 horsepower. If you need more horsepower, there are some very exciting options out there.

Since Honda does not release exact power figures for turbo models, we will have to settle for the data available from various sites. The most obvious of these is the site Engine Watch. On this site you can find the power outputs of various vehicles by scrolling through the various categories. It gives an idea of the peak torque output of each engine.

To get the best power from the turbo Honda Civic, you will have to start with Honda’s official specs. For the turbo Civic, there are two turbochargers, one of which is paired with the factory five-speed manual transmission. The other is the same but paired with a six-speed automatic. Although the turbo version uses a factory transmission, many people believe it is more reliable than the automatic. That being said, we would have to point out that there is an additional cost for the upgrade.

A turbo Honda Civic will also come standard with a limited slip differential. These allow the car to travel more swiftly in the corners and move up and down the road in a better way. The stock Civic (which is what most people opt for) can only travel at half the maximum speed of the vehicle. This is not a problem in a tight corner, but on average at high speeds, it can be hard to accelerate.

The downside to a turbo model is that it costs more. That being said, the lack of power can be more than made up for by the increased gas mileage and better acceleration. Although it will obviously be more expensive to purchase, the extra money you will save on gas in the long run will be hard to pass up. You will also find more attractive aftermarket upgrades and a lot of cool stuff for your car.

A turbo Honda Civic can really be a blast, especially if you are into long, hair pulling events. Like it’s name implies, you will be able to blast through sections of high speed freeway traffic in no time. For those who are not quite so concerned about the engine, there are other great options available to increase your gas mileage and acceleration.

When shopping for parts, be sure to check with the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the OEM warranty. Be sure to purchase OEM parts, as they may not fit the H4 Civic perfectly. If you are not sure, you can also ask a dealership technician or a friend who owns a Civic for recommendations. Honda cars are not built like a motorcycle.

With a little bit of research, you can purchase many Honda Civic parts without spending a fortune. And because the parts are made in the USA, it makes them available at reasonable prices. You can also purchase some of the most popular aftermarket upgrades from most any local auto supply store.

The more premium parts will be the most costly and thus they are worth the price tag, but also add true value to your car. The less expensive Honda Civic parts, while they may not give you a major boost in performance, are going to last longer and add more value to your ride.

Using a turbo Honda Civic is like having a tuner on the road. It will never let you down and provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride. If you choose a turbo Honda Civic, you are certainly getting a great value for your money.